Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Averie. :)
I enjoy cloudy days;
I like walking in forests and visiting farms;
I live to make people laugh, and I'm quite good at it too;
I don't like cinnamon gum;
I'm allergic to cheese, but not milk;
I'd describe myself as silly, clever & charming;
I can't fall asleep unless the TV is on;
Despite my hair color (which is natural, mind you), I've never had a blond moment;
I hate holding hands, but I'll gladly wrap my arm around your waist;
I swear like a sailor;
I only wear Forever 21 & Topshop;
I'll always be a child at heart .. I'm goofy & LOVE to have a good time;
I prefer it shaken, not stirred;
"Raw" is my least favorite word;
My phone is pretty much attached to my thumbs;
I'm left-handed;
I'm a sucker for zebra print (;
I'm an Aries;
Lemon Tea is my faaavorite drink;
I have the memory of an elephant;
3 is my lucky number;
I have a bad tendency of over-thinking things;
I'm fascinated by the odd, the unexplained, and the supernatural;

Let's be friends :)

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